Project crash / cannot opened at all after last update


Please help me, maybe it’s been about two months I did not open my project and did not follow the development of appybuilder, but when today I open it, none of my projects can be opened, possibly after update on layout and notifier components, it’s allways show up the message “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”


@Handi_zufaro Are you using If so, what is one of the projects that has issue? PM me one of the .aia


Yes, I am a gold member,
Ok its solved, thank you Hossein for your help


What was your finding and how was it solved?


I do not know, do not you fix it ?, but many times I try to open the project still can not be before. But after I reported it right away. Well… the important my project is already open again and I can continue it again, thank you for your respone hossein


Same issue with me. My project is not opening. i have worked on it since 3 days


Last update was about a month ago. Can you pm me your aia?


Posting here is not necessary. You already started a topic.


okay.I have deleted my post here