Progress dialog not working



some time showing progress dialog and some time not showing progress dialog plz fix it


This is not very clear sometimes. I can only think that it may be a timing problem. During initialize the app is doing a lot of things. Maybe use a clock say 2 tenth of a second after initialize, put the progessdialog in there, and see if that helps.


but in other appinverter site working perfectly


And that should mean? All builders are much to different just to compare them.


Maybe use the showprogressdialog block first in Screen3.Initialize.


I tried but not working , I think in appybuilder bugs, so appybuilder team shoud fix it @AppyBuilder


Post a as small as possible aia here that shows your problem.


What is not working? The show or the dismiss?


the show is not working


Try to change the positions in Screen initialized
Call show Dialog first and then the rest
Maybe it works?

Edit: I see right now, Ken has already suggested that. Oops. :wink:


I already change the postion but not working :disappointed_relieved:


What if you disable the two Webviewer blocks for a short time and try it if the Progress is showing?
I can’t believe that such simple blocks not work.


I see you are changing the HomeURL to get start value.
Maybe the Dialog is being dismissed prematurely.
Maybe you should add an if statement to OnLoadingFinished:
If url = get start value then DismissProgressDialog


I have rebuild your blocks. And it works fine! NO BUGS! :wink:
But, if you have a fast internet connection the website is show before the dialog can see.
In my aia the dialog is visible for a tenth of a second.
And if you try it a second time, the site comes from the cache. The dialog is not visible!
If you want to show the progress dialog you have to work with the clock component.


Try this:
Add a clock, disable TimerAllways Fires and TimerEnabled, set the TimerInterval to 1000
Change to the blocks editor and do this:


3 seconds after complete download the progress dialog is dismissed.


No I have not fast internet connection😄

I have already said in this post that it works perfrctly sometimes


A program does not work as it pleases.
Have you rebuilt my suggestion?


If you want to see my aia then I can send you, my aia @Peter @Ken @TF101


Have you rebuild the solution @TF101 gave you?