Professional Radios created with AppyBuilder



Hello, we are A&J Developers, We create Radios Professionally with AppyBuilder. We use AppyBuilder components and also Extensions.
We use in AppyBuilder, the simple first as Buttons, WebViewer, Notifier, etc. After Admob, OneSignal (Very Important for the User of the App, always in interactivity with it)
Extensions like Andres_Cotes: Sidebar, ActionBar, SnackBar.
Taifun: Taifun Tools, Taifun Alarm, Taifun Sharing.
And WebViewerDialog.
Our Google Play Store Link: Link Google Play Store
Here something of our work:


Congrats. You have so many apps :slight_smile:


Awesome Bro,Can You Share The aia file It will Help many new developers to understand things clearly…


@A_J_Desarrolladores And you have beautiful app design and layout


Hi, Can you please tell which extension do you use to show notifications in the notification bar?


I guess it is this one


Is component OneSignal on Appybuilder Gold. I don’t know if in the normal Appybuilder have this component.


There is at the moment just one appybuilder and that is the gold one.


Hay Bro I Think I have Same Device Like You


Yes? Haha is a Samsung Galaxy Prime


Yea I also Have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G


Hola q tal yo soy nuevisima en esto,no entiendomucho buco tutos para crearla app q necesitamos ,podrias decirme como hiciste la transmiscion de la radio o tu app queremos hacer una app religiosa gracias!


nice bro can i rebuild this app?


:heart_eyes: wow very nice app


It looks very nice, good job.
But the link doesn’t work.