Problems with Screen change


I have an application that is quite advanced, it always had 2 screens. It has its modified package name. (always worked without problems).

A while ago I created a third screen, but since I was not using it I decided to erase it. Once I delete the third screen, after I compile the app, I can not enter the second screen anymore. It is all well configured, but it stopped working.

Any idea that can be?

Probe with a checkpoint to reproduce the fault and effectively after deleting the third screen starts to give error when I try to change screen.

errorscreen2 errorscreen


Not really sure if this will work because I’ve never tried it before…

Export .aia and check the Screen Names:


What happens if you go to screen PingTools from the companion?


Thanks Ken, export the .aia and I realized that since I was working on a checkpoint I had changed the end of the name of my project, for this reason I could not go on screen.

Thank you!


I also have a problem with Screens. Previously, everything worked, now the new apk give errors.


with this little information unfortunately noone will be able to offer any help

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