Problems with certificate during upload


I have an APP in play store made with app inventor and I used apptomarket to sign my app. Now I made a new version in appybuilder gold and doesn’t work after apptomarket and I can’t update my app in play store.
1- I have the original .ks from appinventor
2- I signed and upload to play store the new version app but doesn’t work.
3- I try to upload directly from appybuilder but I can’t upload because the "certificate is different of previus .APK files"
4- So I try to import keystore to appbuilder. After rename the original .ks to .keystore I try to import keystore in appybuilder but I get an error while compilation.

I am stucked.

What can I do for update my APP?




A little history for you and others:

AppToMarket was developed because, initially, MIT AI, didn’t allow publishing apps to Google Play Store. Users used AppToMarket to make their apps publishable by creating keystore certificates.

Later MIT AI made their apps publishable. Then AppToMarket was updated to allow updating the AppToMarket keystores so that it would be compatible with App Inventor. You can see that through here:

Now, checkout link below that discuss how to make your keystore compatible with AppyBuilder.
NOTE: Use export to backup your existing AppyBuilder keystore


No way…
If I set the default credentials in “update keysotore tool” is ok in appybuilder, but next I try to upload to play store and "certificate is different…"
If I set my credentials in the keystore file then I get an error in compilation.

I have tryed all combinations.

Some idea?


Can somebody help me?


@Emilio941 please see responses in this thread.
You can not simply upload a different keystore into AppyBuilder and expect it to work. AppyBuilder uses some default credentials today ate possibly different than the credential of your keystore