Problem with notifications. [ please help me ]


I am working on a project with firebase database.

In my project, it first gets values using firebase datachange, calls a procedure with firebase get value and a change in Firebase Project bucket then a block with the got value. then a notification activates.

when all blocks are filled, i have a block condition
IF length of all text is greater than > 37, set project bucket to " " so i will be able to initialize the datachange block again. because i need the key that will be stored on the direct path of firebase

the problem is, it loops everything including the notifications. how can i do this? thank you.






You are a frequent poster of questions. You should know how important information is to help. So show your blocks.


cant tell exactly what you are trying to do but try adding and setting the text block to BLANK… when you get value it saves on the firebase network so maybe when you call it again you are calling back the same information? so add a text block under the IF block and change/make the text block BLANK so the information you are getting isnt the same as the last?