Problem with convert webviewer content to image (Charts)


Recently I have additional problems with the charts in the webviewer.

I have an app displaying the charts. The app did that until recently. The user could then save these charts as pictures. Suddenly, however, the content of the Webviewers (the charts) is no longer exported. Only the title appears but the content is displayed in white!

I have build a aia for testing.
Maybe someone would be so nice this time and could test it.

If you press the button “Generate Image”, there should be a picture of the charts in the folder

Until recently that was still possible!
But now the content of the webviewer is white… :thinking:
I tested it with other websites load in the webviewer…that works, but not with the charts…

Please someone could test the aia and tell me if he/she see a images inside with a chart?!
Thank you

Chartjs3.aia (113.1 KB)

EDIT: I have try it also with the Extension of Taifun. Take Screenshot. No chart visible. So, only the content of the webviewer is not visible… i am confused!!!


i found the reason (i think)
The html (that display the charts) site include a string that is not longer supported in API 28
<canvas id="myChart" height="200" width="200"></canvas>

The “canvas” in the html page is the problem, i think.


Hi @Ken,

Could that also explain the problem with the map component?

AppyBuilder status update


I found that:

All code in a html page between <canvas></canvas> will not be shown in a image or a pdf (in my example with the charts)


see Q1 here

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That extension have also the same problem.


And i guess you tried this extension the first time? Don’t have time to open the aia you added.


I have already used this extension. This worked very well, too, until recently.


I don’t know enough about the Map Component.


i found a solution for my problem.
I edit the html and javascript file that shows the charts. Now the charts is not longer display in a html5 canvas, now it is a image, styled with some css.
Now chart.js work together with the extensions Take a Screenshot from Taifun and Component to Image from Jerin Jacob.

Disadvantage is: no animation is show.

I attached a aia file, maybe someone need is in the future.

Kind regards
Chartjs3.aia (98.2 KB)