Problem with Banner ads


Some time the banner ads are loads and some time it take too much time to load , and sometimes it not loads on screen . Please tell me what to do .


Either its problem with your internet connection or there is no ad to be shown at the current time.


@Arunsaini It might be issue with ad inventory. Maybe you need to do frequency adjustment on the AdMob dashboard


Sir sometime ads get loads and they are changing too fast in a second the another ads are loads in that and so on. tell me what I do now


I have the same problem, does anyone know the solution to this problem?


Hello, how are you?
I do not know if you have solved the problem but here it goes:

When you create your AdMob account and place your first ad in your app, you may need to wait 14 days and reach 100 different IP installations in your app (AdMob’s own rule)
It may also be because you do not have a good internet connection or there is simply no advertisement to display at the moment.

As for ads being changed every 1 second, it was you who configured it in the AdMob ad unit, so it can be configured!

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