Problem with APK generated with Appybuilder offline



I’m facing the following issue: I built the APK using Appybuilder offline and I sent this APK to my Google Drive (I don’t use Google Play Store). When I tried to install it in my phone, a message saying about Google Play Protect appeared (it never appeared before) and even I click in continue , the APK is not installed. What do I have to do?

With online version, I never faced this issue…



What happens if you uninstall the old version of the app first?


The same problem. Same message appears.


This is NOT an issue. This message is given because you are sideloading the app (not loading from google play store). I believe you should be able to bypass that


Can you PM me the .apk to try on my phone?


Ok, Hossein, but I have been doing this all the time. I never used Google Play Store. And I say again, in online version it never happen… It’s strange to me… Anyway, I’m gonna take a look into the link you gave me.


Yes, sure!! I’ll do this right now!!


This could be because of some new updates to google play:


hmm ok, let me try this and tell you my results.


Hossein, Ken,

Yes, after disabling Play Protect, now the APK was installed on my phone. Thank you for your time.


Quizá no sea la mejor opción desactivar el Play Protect.

Por error olvide cargar mi keyStore a AppyBuilder Offline y al crear mi APK y comenzar la instalacion, me lanzo la alerta PlayProtect, lo desactive pero no podia continuar con la instalacion hasta que importe mi KeyStore.

Mi sugerencia es quiza, usar siempre la misma keystore aun que no usemos PlayStore.