Problem with Android 9.0


Hi All,

I have my app running ok in almost all devices, except in one: Sansumg A20 with Android 9.0. When the user tries to put login and password (and the app must send this info to a remote server), I receive this message shown below:

The message indicates a 1103 error, but the device can connect internet normally, even with other apps.

Any hints?


I think this has to do with permissions. Could that be possible?


Well, I’ve checked this and all of them are granted. I’ll show you:


You could at least already make a error message when this happens so it looks nice.


Is the data transmitted instantly? What if you wait a second before transmitting? Would that help?



It does not make any difference. The message is the same. I’ve put the message on the Screen.ErrorOccurred as shown:


I was trying in this device (it’s from a client that was here with me in my office) but he had to go out and I could not test anymore. I’ve searched many things for a solution, but nothing has guided me to a final solution.


Are other Android 9 phones working?


Very good question!!! I really don’t know… They are 14 sellers using my app and just one has this device with Android 9.


Try with https



Any special reason to do this, Boban?





Hmmmm so maybe this is the reason… Let me try it and I’ll tell you my results.

Thanks @Boban_Stojmenovic and @Peter!


@Peter and @Boban_Stojmenovic, you were right!!! That solved the problem!! I didn’t realized about TLS… thank you!!!