Problem while switching pages on Button click


Hi there!
I am uday.
Recently, I started using appybuilder.
The problem that I faced is while switching from one page to another page on button click.

Here are the details:

My application name: pocketmoney
App package : com.asktutor.pocketmoney
My email id :

I have a page named DEMO (ALL CAPITAL LETTERS)

The app was completely made in appybuilder.

On Screen1 , when button is clicked,
I wrote the code as

“Open another Screen name”: udayasaichikka.pocketmoney.DEMO

But it showing error 902 , the page was not found.

Please help what to write in the block.

Thank you.


This should work as built apk but if you want to test with the companion see here



I didn’t understand. Will you elaborate it.


Go read the “Changing Package Names” link.

Scroll down to post #9.

Boban is stating that the Companion behaves differently than a built .apk when switching screens, so that if you want to switch screens when using it, you need to set up an if/then statement that passes a different value depending on whether you’re in development or production. He provides example blocks for doing this.