Problem using dataChanged block in firebase



When using dataChanged block in firebase at initial time it executes the block for every tag available in my given firebase project bucket even if the data is not changed.

Please someone help.


DO NOT ask across multiple communities. You got your answer on Kodular;


I am sorry sir but Kodular and AppyBuilder is totally different community and most of the questions are different. And also my problem is not solved on my Kodular post.

And I also do not like your approach towards the problem like this. If you dont like any post or discussion then please ignore and walk away but don’t say this kind of bad things to developers. Because we are here helping people getting nothing in return and you people keep saying whatever you want, that is bad thing.

I hope you can understand what I am saying.


So, was your app made in AppyBuilder or Kodular?
If it was made in AppyBuilder, then you are in the right place.
If made in Kodular, you should ask there and only there.
@Kleyber_Derick wasn’t trying to be rude. It’s just how it works.

How about you think differently? You are getting a fabulous programming tool for free. Isn’t that something?


I have made my app in appybuilder but the thing is both the platform works in same way and both the platform have totally different users. So if I ask in multiple communities it is only in favor of the users.


Not 100% true, you see, almost all the users are there and here.
And the platforms are VERY different, just try to migrate one complex app made in one builder to the other. You will see it’s not fully compatible.


And anyway I am not breaking any community law of appybuilder or Kodular then what problem you guys do have.?


Why did you flag my post as inappropriate?


Because it was inappropriate.


Well, it’s not anymore.


In the same post I made in Thunkable people are trying to solve the problem while here you people are not solving the problem but talking things like this. So now you get that all are different communities. LOL


Great! Good luck with that!


Actually I have a solution, Why don’t the community sites get merged into one instead of different ones. they are same in every aspect only the domain name and user data is different. I hope some developer from appybuilder dev team reads this and takes some actions towards my idea.


Again, they are not, there’s TONS of components that one builder has and the other don’t, and even some of the components that both have, uses different inputs or parameters. It is not the same, it will be very complicated to answer questions based on 3 or 4 different builders without being all of them fully compatible.


I am talking about community website not the app building website. App building websites are very different for all of them for sure but the community websites are copy to copy only the trade marks and color scheme is different.


And what would be the point of that? The website is for the builder support! What else are we doing here? Didn’t you realize yet that except for the original App Inventor, all the others have different owners, developer teams and some of them are for profit? If I have a restaurant, why would I recommend my clients to go to the other restaurant around the corner? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Anyways, please post a screenshot of your blocks so we can help you with your problem.


I didn’t say bad things to you, I just showed how are the rules between communities. And you are not the first one to receive messages like this, but as I can see, you don’t like to obbey rules, huh? So, this is my last post about it and with you.


Guys stop that discuss. In that time where you guys discussed, someone could him help. I dont like doubles posts in all forums too but his problem is for all people, like what he said. Because the changed block download the whole database and if you have a chat app with 30 chatrooms, your app will be get more slowlier each time when the database grows,. I think this could be a problem if your database wil get bigger each day.
You donwload the whole database with that block and that is a problem i understand him.


Thank you Mr. @philipp376,

But actually the problem is worse than that. The database not only gets downloaded at first time but the block dataChanged repeats itself at the number of times of total number of tags.

IE : If I have 50 tags and values stored in my firebase database then,
Problem # 1 : Whole database, 50 tags and 50 values will be downloaded at initializing of screen and
Problem # 2 : The block dataChanged will be executed 50 times for no reason.

In short this is a major bug, and still people don’t like me posting this issue in other communities while I only want to share the information to another community people.