Problem upload apk to app store


Hello Everyone!
I need some help. When i try to upload my apk into the app store, i get this message:

Non-optimized APK

This APK sends unused codes and resources to users. With Android App Bundle, you can get a smaller app size. If you do not optimize the application for different device configurations, the download and installation size of the application for users will be larger than necessary. Larger applications achieve a lower successful install rate and take up more space on users’ devices.


You can auto-optimize your device configurations with the Android App Bundle, or you can do this with multiple APKs.

What is the real solution in appybuilder?
Thank you so much!


You can bypass this message and publish your apk (in case you didn’t know).


Where can i bypass? The "next/publish button stays grey.


I just published an apk and got this message (in Alpha channel for testing purpose), but at the end of this page i got the button to continue.


I want to start with inside closed test. Maybe this is the problem? But if you can publish alpha, why i can’t publish closed beta or closed inside test?..


The Alpha channel I used is closed channel… Also the first time i published this apk, took 7 days to be published!


Any solution? @Hossein ?


There is no solution necessary. This is just a warning. This has also been asked before.
Just ignore. And if you can not publish you have forgotten to fill some information in the store. Check all checkboxes on the left side. Are the all green?


Thank you so much guys, it was my fault, i forgot to upload screenshots! Solved