Problem Server error: could not build target. Please try again la


Hello everyone,

I’ve been building apps for a couple of years, first in MIT AI1 until I discovered AppyBuilder. AB is much better, wider possibilities, I’m very satisfied.

I build a lot of my apps for my Arduino projects. It’s so nice to be able to build your own app, just for your Arduino project.

But now I encountered a problem. The last few days I’ve been busy again with an app. I can use the Live Testing option, but I want to send the APK-file to my phone to share with other Arduino makers.

The problem is that AB cannot make the file. Also the QR-option doesn’t work. I see this: Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!

This has been the situation since a few days. Do I have to do something on my pc? I haven’t got time right now to dive into the community right now, otherwise I would have done that first.

Hope someone can be of help.

Best regards,



I now see the message about AppyBuilder and Kodular! That should cause the problem right now.

But how long will this problem stay?



You should start using Kodular. In a few months AB will be completely gone. AB is only online so you can download your projects. You are no longer able to build your apks.

Termination (30th June 2020)
On this day, AppyBuilder Online will terminate its services and will henceforth redirect users to Kodular Creator.