Problem: "Layout Encourages Accidental Clicks "


Hello Friends,
Suppose,I have a simple app with more than 2 screens with a few tabs.I have banner ads in the bottom of each screen and 1 Interstitial ad (except home screen) that load when a specific button pressed(Button 3 or 4).However,I am constantly getting this warning
" Problem: “Layout Encourages Accidental Clicks - Unexpected Launch Interstitials”
I am trying to fix it but unable.Can anybody suggest me a solution please.


So what you are doing is not allowed by Google?


I think it is due to Interstitials .They say Unexpected Launch of Interstitials.But I do not know how an Interstitial should launch :frowning:


maybe ads layout too close to buttons. they don’t like it. edit–> oops its not banner :slight_smile: my wrong
can you show your ads blocks?
maybe you make a loop .
by the way is your app something like right or wrong app?


Sure,why not!

Actually, Interstitials are behaving weirdly. They should load after a while after initializing screen.But they are loading really quickly.


if user click view button often then it maybe problem(AdMob
problem).when user touch it every time showing ads.

maybe you can use clock sensor every 5 minutes load ads and show.
or you you can use index. like if user touch view button 10 times then load ads and show.


Update: after several attempts and experiments, once when I removed Interstitial ad from the first screen of my App, it got approved.Problem solved