Problem generating APK or creating copies of projects


I have a problem. For 48 hours I am trying to download an apk in the offline version of appybuilder and it does not allow it. Nor does it allow me to create copies of applications.
I have used the offline version daily for 1 month and 6 days and have had no problems so far.

When I create the apk it reaches 100%:

And I get this error:

When I try to create a copy of the projects


Check if you have issues like this



It does not solve my problem. It still happens with any .aia
What recommendation would you give me?..


Unfortunately, I have not experienced any of your issues, neither can I suggest what can be done to fix it


Search for this bad response code 500



Save your projects on your computer. Delete the folder of Appybuilder offline and download a new copy of it from Github or extract a new copy from the zip file if you still have it on your computer. Open appybuilder offline and upload your projects and it will work!