Problem can't find anyButton.Click event


Hello guys;
I can’t find “anyButton.Click” event in “any component->any Button”, so is this a known problem? or there’s a problem with my off-line installation?
thank you.


The same thing i show in online version?!


sorry, I don’t know…
I only can recommend you to move your project to Kodular, because Appybuilder is dead



Thank you for your reply;
I’m not really comfortable with their terms of use. so i’m looking for a solution for my lovely appybuilder :heart_eyes: offline version until it become unusable :sweat:





I’m working on some changes of “appybuilder” offline version code, to add this feature “any events”, so i have modified this file (for me) “922D32E232B63F9A095D3FFA0C07E6C3.cache.js” to enable "any events" in any component section, like any event.

Now i have this feature displayed correctly.

But when i click on any button in the companion in testing mode or in built apk, there’s no reaction.

I should make some changes to another file, to enable listening “any Button .click” event.

So I’m looking for someone who know what file is responsible of this behavior.

Thank you


hola, tengo el mismo problema, me gustaria saber como hace para agregar el componente "when any button " pues mi app utiliza mucho esa característica.
el problema que tengo es el siguiente, cree mi app en appinventor2 y utilice este componente el when any button y quise meterle publicidad cosa que no puedo hacer en esta plataforma lo cual me llevo a usar appybuilder pero me lleve una sorpresa cuando al compilar el archivo me da errores porque este no tiene el componente y usted habla sobre eso, por favor deseo su ayuda. gracias