Problem can't find anyButton.Click event


Hello guys;
I can’t find “anyButton.Click” event in “any component->any Button”, so is this a known problem? or there’s a problem with my off-line installation?
thank you.


The same thing i show in online version?!


sorry, I don’t know…
I only can recommend you to move your project to Kodular, because Appybuilder is dead



Thank you for your reply;
I’m not really comfortable with their terms of use. so i’m looking for a solution for my lovely appybuilder :heart_eyes: offline version until it become unusable :sweat:





I’m working on some changes of “appybuilder” offline version code, to add this feature “any events”, so i have modified this file (for me) “922D32E232B63F9A095D3FFA0C07E6C3.cache.js” to enable "any events" in any component section, like any event.

Now i have this feature displayed correctly.

But when i click on any button in the companion in testing mode or in built apk, there’s no reaction.

I should make some changes to another file, to enable listening “any Button .click” event.

So I’m looking for someone who know what file is responsible of this behavior.

Thank you