Problem building APK



I have installed the personal version of Appybuilder and have some problems with building APK files.

I have browsed through community treads of the same problem but still cannot find a solution.

  • I have installed Java jre1.8.0_221.
  • I have added the path to system variables.
  • I have imported my Keystore.
  • I have developed a new application with just one button and one lable

If I understand correctly from your instructions on how to install the personal version the fact that when clicking on “WinStartBuildServer” it opens a window and after some time it gives the message that “Server is running” means that Java instance is found. I have only one instance of Java on the computer.

When attempting to build APK file I get a long list, which I have seen in many treads, and at the end of it the text “YAIL compiler – could not find jarsigner”. Looking in the cmd of the server I can see the following text. “Build 3 Failed: 1 Error: Your build failed due to an error in the JarSigner stage, not because of an error in your program.”

What is JarSigner, is it a file or a program?

I would appreciate some advice on how to solve this problem.

Problem with compiling apk

Java 8 JDK is needed not JRE


Thank you for the prompt answer. The problem, as you suggested, was that jarsigner.exe was not installed in the bin library. I have reinstalled the JDK and it is working.