Preview - Navigation Drawer


Preview of upcoming NavigationDrawer feature in AppyBuilder:

Extension Sidebar navigation Update 04/08/2017

por que aparece debajo de la barra de menu


Very good, Mr. Hossein.

Really hope we can change transparency and canging icon, add image, and color too…

Sorry if asking too much, but really looking forward for this…:thinking::blush:


@Ronin Have you tried @Andres_Cotes extension at link below? Seems to include the features that you want:


I havent tried the extension but i have tried the APK. It is a very cool demonstration…
Thank you, @Andres_Cotes

I just wondering since you create something, why not asking for features, since you create it for us, appybuilderians… :wink:


Por ahora solo pienso en las características que he nesecitado.
pero puedo construir diseños a la medida si los nesecitan




@Ronin Yes, you are right. Keep it coming - thanks for input / feedback.

BTW, AppyBuilderians - very nice :slight_smile:


Any news on this? :smiley:


@Gabryk @Andres_Cotes already has a pretty good extension for this.


I know, so this is abandoned?


@Gabryk i don’t think it would make sense to come up work extension unless it has different or additional features. So, to answer your question, i would say yes – for time being :slight_smile:


@Hossein I think that this extension could and should be developed, no matter if someone else is doing another similar one.It is possible that two pieces of code show the same final result, but they reach their goals in different ways and could have different stability, scalability and usability. In the topic related to the extension you are talking about , some users complain about crashes related to different devices in which the extension is implemented, so there is a real doubt arising about its use for production purpose addressed to the plethora of devices out there .Please, go on!