Press Again Function


Many people have used app which has function like when we press back button then it say press again to xyz function…

i have created 2 layout in my app one is visible and other one is invisible and i have set blocks for them like when back button is pressed then other layout is visible and first layout is invisible… and i want to intregrate one more function with same button like if someone pressed back button then second layout is visible and when again if someone press back button then the screen should close…

please tell me how

Press Again To Exit
Webviewer giving blank page after scrolling back?

Why don’t you show the blocks you have used?


on pressing back the main area will visible and web area will unvisible and i want if again anyone press back then app should end that screen



Press Again To Exit

do you have video tutorials


Video tutorial for what? @Hassan literally showed you the blocks in the previous post.


its not working. i have tried the same block


please the staff of appybuilder please help me


Oops sorry: blocks%20(29) Change close application block to close screen or whatever function you want to add.


Please Read Properly Please
I have two screens - Screen1 and Screen2
In second screen I have 2 layout - main layout and web layout
In the main layout, I have 2 buttons - button1 and button2
I have set blocks like - when I click on any buttons then the main layout get “visible to false” and the web layout gets “visible to true” with my given value.
and in this screen I have set the block for “back button” like when back button press then the web layout get “visible to false” and the main layout gets "visible to true…

And these blocks are working very fine but in this screen, I want that after back button is pressed and the main layout get visible and web layout get invisible then again if back button pressed then the app should close screen…

I want that if back button is press then screen2 should close after the main layout is visible and web layout is invisible…




i dont know sir its my bad luck or appybuilder doesnt have this type of function… your block is not working… here is my aia please open the screen which is open by “The Invisible Man” button and see block for back button pressed
hindienglishsoln.aia (722.2 KB)


One question why this link



my app is not fully developed yet so i just put a random link…
but this is real link which i will use in my app


If you had initially said which url you used, I would point you to the right thread from the beginning.

Now, I see you have been there but still don’t understand.

PS. Maybe later in the evening I can have time to take a look at your code



Here you have and how you implement the code in your app is up to you.

PressAgainFunction.aia (4.9 KB)



thanks for you time boban please export your aia as apk and try that app…
i mean its not working. you can try…

I thinks here’s no one who can help me… by the thanks for everyone who spent their time in this post.

please close it


Works as it should, It’s either your bad internet connection or your phone.

The timer needs to be adjusted or to be added with TimerAlwaysFires until you get the url.

May also be because you have so many timer’s in your app that there is conflict with them, because you never turn them off on all of your screens.





@Shubham_Chaudhary I probably find out why it didn’t work for you, as you never told us which android version you had I could not diagnose.

Tried on Android version 4.3 and as you have pointed out so many times that it doesn’t work and guess what, you var correct it didn’t work for my either.

new updated PressAgainFunction.aia (5.0 KB)

@Hossein @John @Nickon webviewer cangoback doesn’t get triggered on Android version 4.3.