Postings to AI Open Source Forum Requesting UI Designer and Blocks Editor Improvements


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Feature Requests for UI Designer: Select/Move Multiple Blocks and/or Automatic Relocation of Overlapping Blocks

Feature Requests for UI Designer: Make Scrollable A Property of a Layout Arrangement

Feature Requests for Blocks Editor: Filter to Show Matching Blocks and/or Show Only Blocks Associated With An UI Element

Feature Request for Blocks Editor: Improve Warnings Functionality


creo que es por pedagogía de la plataforma por que de hecho descienden de una sola clase


If I’m reading this code correctly, and these are all just different instantiations of the base class, implementing a “Scrollable” property (and vice versa) should be trivial, and not create any issues with existing projects (other than perhaps requiring renaming an arrangement when switching properties, if you value the property being embedded in the UI element name). Am I right, @Hossein?


@Thomas_Leavitt The VerticalScrollArrangement allows you to scroll vertically. Is that what you are looking for?


el quiere un check

que cambie el uso


I’m asking for a checkbox property to be added to the horizontal and vertical layout arrangements (scrollable and non-scrollable) that will toggle that behavior (similar to the way it works with a screen), so that I don’t have to manually swap one UI element for the other when I realize that I need a scrollable layout arrangement but have used the non-scrollable version. The source cited by Andres suggests that this would be trivial to implement, at least as I read it.


So you want the same thing like on Screen? A scrollable property.