Post Sept 28 Release Wish List - Bug Tracking


I do not know if it can but can put the achievements of google play to the apps made with appy builder?


@Adell_SE are you talking about Google game services?


Yes @Hossein
Can you add this feature?


@Adell_SE We are looking into it :wink:


Thank you
I hope to see you in the future


We just had October 11th release HERE

  • @Gabryk feature request for IsKeyboardOpen was added
  • @Thomas_Leavitt media preview was added. Also added ability to drag files into new file-uploader popup window. Next, we’ll include multi-selection
  • @Martin feature request for hiding/showing video player controls were added
  • @Andres_Cotes feature request for Switch parameter was added
  • @Italo feature request added for notepad-like TextBox


It looks very good. Thanks!
First bug I encountered: The lines are drawn only for the part of the text that is visible on screen. If the text is longer and you need to scroll down on the text box, the lines outside the initial screen size don’t have the lines. See image:

Second bug: When using custom fonts, this happens:

Third one: When setting a width percentage, in this case 95%, the lines are a little shorter on the left and longer on the right. The smaller the width, the more offset the line is placed.

Lined textbox not displaying properly

@Italo I’ll check into these. The reason we made it separate component into experimental category is because we knew there are room for improvements. Thanks for feedback.


Is the issue with Do It output being blank when using Chrome still unresolved?

Tested the media preview. Nice. Looking forward to the multiple upload feature.

Thanks for fixing the scrolling issue. I observed that myself. Didn’t think to mark it as a bug.



  1. Yes. Thanks @Andres_Cotes for verifying
  2. Thanks
  3. Thanks