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No worries it’s not urgent and no, it can’t work the same way. I really need to know IF keyboard is open or not. Force open/close doesn’t guarantee to know if it is open or not because, for the keyboard to be of some use, a textbox should be on the screen, so if user closes the keyboard then a tap on the textbox will cause the keyboard to open again out of my control.


Set–>Elapsed time in sec is missing in choronometer –

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OneSignalPush notification tutorial

I would like a sync / wait block / delay
Would work like this
would have an entry to enter a number and when you are executing a set of blocks when you reach that block waiting would give a space marked with the number that was put
would serve to make animations or activate things after the others with a margin of space
you want that when a user presses a button within 5 seconds it shows a message of colors

set label1.color = blue
wait.screen seg = 3
set label1.color = green
wait.screen seg = 3
set label1.color = black

then every 3 seconds would change the color

The amount of things like animate sprites
make games
button animations and effects
I think a block like this would do a lot of interesting things.

If you do not understand my idea, tell me
Basically it would wait a while that we stabilized to execute the following action.


Kiip neon ad experiences.

And in general ability to integrate any such ad platform


There is an app where you are showing messages to a user.
It is a game where there is a character talking to you
and you want to show about 5 in messages in a label

set label.text = hi
delay.Screen miliseg = 2000
set label.text = welcome to App
delay.Screen miliseg = 2000
set label.text = I will be your guide
delay.Screen miliseg = 2000
set label.text = although first I would like to know your name
delay.Screen miliseg = 3000
set label.text = please enter your name
delay.Screen miliseg = 3000
call notifier show.textDialog
mesage = type your name
title = what is your name
cancelable = false

think it would look great to do things like that and the blocks wait the time you want to run it
would show up and give many possibilities

I know that this can be done with a clock but it is very complicated when it would be easier a delay block to execute the next part of the block thread


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see here why this is not useful
Why is a wait procedure generally a bad idea?
The model of event processing in App Inventor by Lyn

use this instead
Please Wait method by Scott



It’s just what I want, but why not keep all that in a simple block that makes a wait for it to then run the rest.
It would be as well as this, but simpler, with a block that would delay what is coming.
It works like this but simpler with a block.
Do all that in one block


read again the links provided in my previous answer to understand why it is not possible


Add more than one block to a list at a time (ideally, add multiple blocks of any type). Yes, I understand that this is typically dealt with by importing or generating values, but there are times when you simply want ten or twenty items in a list, and dragging and dropping each individual block is very tedious.

  1. I’d like to see a professional image cropping tool that is built in (doesn’t use activity starter to open the cropping tool)

I’ve used many extensions but they don’t really fulfill my requirements.

For more information about what I exactly need, please see this library:

  1. A tool to extract a string to Word or PDF files.

  2. Please read here. If it’s possible to implement this, that would be great


@habboubih we’ll check into these items


Feature request from @Steve_Roadley:


@Italo pointed out a good workaround to this that didn’t require a procedure, but I agree that this should be a single block that doesn’t require a null operation. The presence of such a block would also make it obvious that moving to another screen does not automatically close the screen you are currently on, which I’m sure it’s a common newbie mistake, and since this language is aimed at newbies, that would be logical.


When you open a screen without closing the previous one, you can go back to the first one and it will keep the same state it had when you left it (text in textboxes, sprite locations, colors selected, etc).
If you close the screen, and then open it again, everything resets to its default state (as set in the designer).
Note that this behavior only applies to the compiled apk, not while live testing.

That I guess is why we have the option to close or not a previous screen when opening a new one.


Right, but having this combined in a single operation as an ADDITIONAL block, wouldn’t eliminate that option.


To be able to set the amount of characters that can be typed in a text box and a password text box
Let’s say if you type a password we can set it along the text string.
Thank you very much


Progress bar

Requesting block

Set progress bar value to…


Isn’t this ThumbPosition?


Where is it?