Post Oct 11 Release Wish List


Hello AppyBuilder community, We had a release on Oct 11th and are now starting this thread to keep track of next batch of updates. In previous release, we had some bug-fixes and feature-updates, and are now getting ready for next batch of updates/bug-fixes.

We have consolidated remaining (un-implemented) requests from the Sept. 28th thread ( Post Sept 28 Release Wish List - Bug Tracking ) . Use this to continue on feedback / findings / requests:

@Adell_SE radio buttons and change the color to the radio button

@Thomas_Leavitt The ability to select more than one image file to be uploaded at the same time.

@Gabryk Consider to add the emulator, available in the MIT version

@Richard_Nero Set–>Elapsed time in sec is missing in choronometer

@picanapicana Kiip neon ad experiences:


  1. I’d like to see a professional image cropping tool that is built in (doesn’t use activity starter to open the cropping tool). I’ve used many extensions but they don’t really fulfill my requirements.
    For more information about what I exactly need, please see this library:
  2. A tool to extract a string to Word or PDF files.
  3. Please read here. If it’s possible to implement this, that would be great

@Steve_Roadley A new block to close screen and immediately open another

@Richard_Nero Requesting block Set progress bar value to …

@Adell_SE google play game services

@Italo Updates to LinedTextBox component

Uploading entire folder
AppyBuilder Release - Now FREE and opensource!

Image Cropping extension you gave requires to add a Gradle dependency. That’s why my Image Cropping extension ddoesn’t any lib


Tabbed blocks editor:

Also I tested isKeyboardOpen but it always return true

Also2 strange behaviour of ListView custom: if set as “Swipe” deleting a item revert it do “Default”. Or at least, some items are no swipable (is this a word!? :sweat_smile: ) anymore. I have to execute ListViewItemStyle = “Swipe” in the AfterDeleting event to restore the behaviour

Soft Keyboard status
ListView custom image path clarification

Would be nice if list view custom could show images chosen by image picker or shot by camera


@Gabryk noted. We’ll try to get out done


saludos a todos hay alguna forma de subir una carpeta completa a los assets y que no sea archivo por archivo


@Andres_Cotes at runtime?


no , en el panel de diseño tengo una carpeta con 30 tipos de fuentes , seria bueno poder crear una carpeta assets/font


o por lo menos subir varios archivos en una sola seleccion


Ah. Okay. Yes, we are checking into this


you always can do it in the aia file itself
1 download your project (aia file)
2. open it using 7zip
3. find the assets folder and move your subfolder inside
4. upload the project into Appybuilder



Clever. That hadn’t occurred to me. Definitely much easier than manually uploading a bunch of icons, etc. one file at a time. I presume they all appear in the application, such as the list of images, without issue? I’ll have to try that out.