Pos XL Cash Register


I present you my application
Pos XL Cash Register

There are 3 versions: S, M, XL
S for small screens
M for Tablet or TVbox
XL for Tablet or Tvbox, and has additional features
In addition to the full description you can find here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appybuilder.smadysoftware.EscPosLargeOrder
I would like to thank the whole appybuilder team for the great platform they have created.
The development of the application lasted a lot, has all the main functions of a cash register.
The biggest problem was that the application for how it was composed needed to be all on one screen, and it is made up of 9700 blocks, but with some trick I succeeded.
I used a lot of lists and their functions, I integrated some javascript to reorder some lists
For all the mathematical operations, I had to create a procedure not to delete the 0 decimal (later I succeeded with javascript, but by now the application was complete)
The application prints on thermal printers, thanks to the extension of ESC / POS Simple Converter by @Daniel
If you have suggestions to give, they will be welcome
In the future I will try to integrate the English language, even if it is quite intuitive

translated with Google


Good job. Maybe post some screenshots here to.


Ottimo lavoro. Complimenti.


good one keep it up!


Very good job. It must be very hard to make the xl version in the designer, right? so many buttons!

I think I found something you need to fix: When I type a number, I can type the decimal point many times and it shows in the number. You can incorporate a checking IF in the decimal point button OnClick block, to check if the number already contains a point, then don’t do anything, else add the point to the number.


Thank you for appreciating and for your suggestion. I’ve played enough of my time for the designer. There is a control for the decimal point, if I insert more than one, the value is not taken and the operation is canceled. But I will implement the control you suggested in a future update