Please Make These Extensions


In the end it will be an app with to many ads. Earning apps are becoming a problem for builders like AB and others. The first builder already took action yesterday and posted their opinion on earning apps, and that they will blacklist users and ban their apps, and more builders will follow to end the making of apps with a lot of ads that will be disastrous for the future of any builder around.


no @Peter it will be an app. The ad shown in the app will be one time not repeated .


appnext is fraud it is good for advertising not for monetizing


Ok how is Lead Bolt.


i dont know about lead bolt use amazon ad network it pays you for impressions and it is trusted


I haven’t seen your comment until now, but the answer to that is if you want to make those fake earning apps, like the companies or apps you mention, then you should learn a real programming language and do it on your own without ruining the reputation of AppyBuilder.
Why don’t you instead make a really good app that is useful to people which they will gladly pay for it or watch one or two rewarded ads from time to time?