Please Make These Extensions


When bigger companies like Appodeal, Appnext can do this kind of stuff then this is good in your eyes. If bigger companies can do so Why can’t we do like them


Just google it you will find your answer what Appodeal and Appnext and many companies do like this. If we small people do little bit like them than its bad in your eyes.

If you can’t help than just don’t circulate negativity.


Who told you That Appodeal and Appnext is Good?? Did I ?? What are you telling dude? Money Earning Apps are not good For both the user and the Developer.

PS: I have never heard of Appnext and Appodeal


Enhance connector extension is buggy. Iwant all these extensions seperately.


I did not tell that its for a Money Earning app as well ! Well clear your mind


Here…you clearly mentioned


@Italo Mentioned about it and i said i Agree, Nothing else ! What is wrong with this guy?


Ok let me clear it. Can you help me to get these extensions


Yes I agree. Many people use VPN and click on their own ads and after few days they complain that account got disabled. Not just Admob, any other ad network if you are using and if you click on your own ads then it’s obvious that your account will be disabled.


Yah that’s true…Why admob forces us to use extensions in order to use other adnetwork. Still i am a waiting for someone who can help me to get these extensions.


How come Admob forces us!

You may pay extension’s developers to make them for you.


Sorry wrongly typed its appybuilder not ad mob.

Yes i will pay to developers.

But how do i know which developer is going to make it for me ??


you can easily link other ad networks through admob there is no need to add extensions


yes a lot of ads but every time a unique ad from different ad network. Then user will be interested in the ads.


I just saw that you made two topics with the same question. Don’t do that anymore please. I merged them together.


Then you should use one ad network and not 10 different ones


ok dear @Peter


No…no. You wont understand.


fight not allowed please be chill


ok…ok… can you make these extensions