Please make the button text larger. (80~90% of button size)



I want to display the number 2 on the button.
Each button is 40 pixels in size.
The maximum size that allows you to see all two-digit numbers by resizing the text is 14 fontsize.
When you increase the size, only one digit is displayed.

How to remove button margins?
How to use images is excluded.

This time, the button size is 80 pixels wide by 40 pixels high.
I would like at least 34fontsize.
However, if 20fontsize is exceeded, it will not display correctly.

Thank you in advance.


How about padding the number with zero like 01?


01 or 1 is not important.
The actual numbers are 9 pixels in size.
This size is too small.

If you increase the size, you can not grow anymore because of the margin of the button.

You can not increase the size because there are many button margins on the side 33.

Please make the button text larger. (80~90% of button size)
Please make it like 33 in the picture below.


Still not clear. Can’t you just change Button.FontSize?


Computer screen and real mobile phone screen.




any solution for this.
And i want to show front size 12 in button 20x20pixels but in becouse if padding now numbers are not fully displayed


@11114 @go6otel

Make use of label in combination with @Taifun’s Settings Extension so that the size of the text remains unchanged.



FYI, Appybuilder has it built-in for other AI clones who doesn’t have it use Juan_Antonio’s Label and Image Click Extension




After some months, you probably found a solution. If not, the Decoration component under Effects palette, allows you to change padding and margings of components.