Please Make Extensions Keyboard Like Video


i need Extensions like

Extension Paid



Posting an video is not asking a question for a developer. Tell what you want, why you want and how you want.


I want to make a keyboard to compose words by sliding like in the video.
I want to make the application fill in a mystery word with letter instructions available. each user selects the first letter and so on until they make a keyword at the end. maybe someone can make an extension.
I am sorry, my English is not good.


So you want to place 5 letters on the screen and users have to touch them in a certain order to make a word?

Don’t apologize for your English, my Indonesian is much worse :wink:


yes , that what all i want.

lucky this forum is in English not Indonesian :grin:


@ghoostiadi : Tanpa Extensi, kamu bisa membuatnya, tetapi tanpa ada garis putih penghubung itu. Hanya terdiri dari beberapa tombol yang kamu set backgroundnya dengan gambar Huruf, dan sediakan textbox dimana hasilnya bisa terlihat.
Upload gambar huruf A-Z ke asset, lalu gunakan block untuk menentukan backgroundnya dengan gambar A-Z tadi. dengan block kamu juga bisa menentukan berapa kali sebuah tombol dapat ditekan…