Please i need help


my app has a referral system and to sign up i need to include the referral id but the signing up is showing runtime error, invalid firebase path


@epic_film Why is this topic in the ExtensionDevelopment category? Are you looking for paid-help to extension-developers to write you an extension?


i dont the area of the topic


i need help i dont know the category of the topic please


Please i need help i dont know the actual category


Just edit the title of your first post and change category, at this place:

And change to Discuss where is the right one. So, next time just pay attention on this.


which category topic should i use?


I already said this…


@Kleyber_Derick I changed to “Discuss” category


I have changed it but still no answer to my problem


Maybe because your question isn’t clear enough. I also guess you didn’t search the forum. Read this topic carefully and then try again.