Please Fix that scroll does not go back to top


Hi, this is not a bug exactly, but itsn’t help to usability in your plataform.

this is my advise.
When you have a long list of components loaded in your project the scroll activate for select the lastest component, so when you clic it go back to top of list of component. please fix it, make that the position not restart. the same situation is in the “palette” section.



@mirxtrem_apps if i understand you correctly, this hassles for MIT AI, not for AppyBuilder. Have you tried it in AppyBuilder?


Hi, i dont like to comparison, i like very much appy builder, i don’t know if you understand what i mean, (sorry for my english) but i wanted to say is that if you select a component in the end of the list don’t keep the selection and jump back to top to of the list. (in app inventor this not happend)



Thanks for clarification


@mirxtrem_apps i have Sen that too. I thought you were taking about initial startup of browser where the designer screen scrolls all the way to bottom. We’ll take a look at this item.


I was about to create a post about this same issue without checking if it was already pointed. Good thing I did check! HA!

Both in the designer’s components tree or in the blocks components tree, if you have enough components to fill the tree space and you have to scroll up and down to see them all, when you click on a component, the tree view is reset to the top, it’s scrolled all the way up, when it should stay where it is.

In MIT App Inventor they fixed it in the last or the previous update. Not an urgent fix, for sure but It’s really a very annoying behavior.


May be this will clarify what we are talking about. Please see the behavior of the components tree when something is clicked in both versions.

Thanks for everything you guys do to keep us Appy!


Thanks @Italo this will be very useful


@Italo Thanks for video capture. Well shown. We have fixed the issue and will be in next release.


That’s very good news! Thanks!