Playing YouTube Videos!


In this post, we’ll show how to use AppyBuilder to play any YouTube videos like shown below. You can download source .aia and .apk from location at bottom of this tutorial.

All that is needed, is AppyBuilder WebViewer component with LoadHtml block as shown below. All text can stay static, only changing the VideoID using a TextBox component

Download .apk here: youtubeplayer.apk (2.1 MB)

Download .aia here: youtubeplayer.aia (3.1 KB)

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"<iframe class=“youtube-player” " + "style=“border: 0; width: 100%; height: 96%;”
+ “padding:0px; margin:0px” " + "id=“ytplayer” type=“text/html” "
+ "src=“” + youtubeId
+ “?&theme=dark&autohide=2&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&autoplay=1\fs=0” frameborder=“0” "
+ "allowfullscreen autobuffer " + “controls onclick=“”>\n” + “\n”;

[Question] Autoplay YouTube Videos

Hi @Andres_Cotes, what is the advantage of your solution compared to @Hossein’s and why would we need the Youtube extension?



hola @Taifun

son maneras de utilizar las cosas y crear elementos que antes no estaban comparti el codigo por que en el web view me dio mucho problema acomodarlo.
en que se puede utilizar?. en dar una bienvenida al usuario

la ultima versión tiene incorporada animaciones.

hago las extensiones por que descubri que a medida que se anexan bloques y bloques en navegador gasta mas ram y en mi equipo solo tenia 3G y con una extensión puedo resumir bloques es solo eso. las comparto por que las personas le interesa saber como se construyen y despierta la imaginación por conocer el código.

trato de no repetir métodos pero me doy cuenta que ya alguien había hablado de ello me ha pasado 2 veses una fue la de las tablas y la otra la de las memoria por eso deje de trabajar en ellas.

app inventor tiene el potencial de ser el wordpress de android




very nice! thanks for sharing it!


Sir, can not we remove the YouTube banner?
And you can add full screen and minimize options. I have tried to make this a little different
That is something
I want to remove the tune banner in it, please let me guide you.

here its source code
local news.aia (68.9 KB)


any one please guide me


Follow the example steps aia


I used the above example as you said
i replace this content

" src="


" src="





but to no avail.


Get the embed link from your YouTube video


sir i do that . but not get success .
this is my channel id UCmTEevVLZQDsP930j0GoA4g
pl guied me how can do this .



From the above example we have only seen 1 video. Whenever I want to have a video of my channel in my channel, come to the screen, and touch it to see what can be seen on the big screen.


may be that’s i and u also know .
i hope u dont mind


Actually I have to play some such links
I hope you will show some way


sorry, I don’t know…
btw. what exactly prevents you from doing a Google search?


Actually I want to make a list in the list and select the embedded code from there.
In it I have to use total 5 buttons.
that’s are like this.
1 button for Previous ,
2 button for Next
3 button for OK
4 button for UP
5 button for Down
We will be able to access the main channel from Previous and Next, after which we will lock the main channel by pressing OK button.Then log in to the playlist of the channel, select “up” and “down” from the press the OK button to select the playlist and click on the link in the webview to see if you can see the program.
If we want to go to “up / down” and “privacy / next” button, then press the OK button to change the image of the button.
, I would like to send a message to my channel.


that’s i got , how can get the embeded code for any play list.
but not geet for channel.


like this

here is its remote_button_test.aia (1.0 MB)


How can we adjust video stream a YouTube video in a web viewer ?