Player : help me to understand



Hi everybody! Probably, it’s not a bug: I need help to understand why it is necessary to add setPlayer.Source again after callPlayer.Stop in the whenButtonStop.Click block, otherwise it does not stop.


@luca_scandelli Where do you initially set Player1.Source?


Thanks for helping me.
The idea is to set the streaming radio URL and then play it or stop it.
It works but only if I add that setPlayer.Source command that , to me, should be useless.


WebRadio (1).aia (3.3 KB)
I’ve just notice I could load the aia file. Sorry for the delay. Just try move out and then in the setPlayer.Source of the “when”.


@luca_scandelli You are correct. After Player1.Stop, the source is properly set. However, you still need to use set source using Player1.Source . FYI, I checked App Inventor and same behavior. We’ll check into solution.


Oh, thanks for your time! Anyhow my app works as I wanted… Just to know if I missed a programming concept.