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Hello everyone, I have a question, I’m trying to play an mp3 file that is in the internal memory of the phone, this mp3 file I previously downloaded from google drive thanks to the extension of @Andres_Cotes , but when trying to play the mp3 file receives a “error 701 unable to load musica.mp3” and after this error it receives another one that says “error 701 unable to play musica.mp3”, what can I do?
These are the blocks that I am using:

Sorry for my bad English I hope your help please


Please anyone can help me??


Is this what you need?!topic/mitappinventortest/grESZhtngyw


yes but i don’t understend how to do it with the internal storage of phone can you explain me please?


Did you try as is suggested?



yes i try it but give me error 701 unable to load musica.mp3 and error 701 unable to play musica.mp3


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The same thing is happening to me, I can download the mp3 from “GoogleDrive” with the APP.
But when I execute it, it tells me that it can not be reproduced, as if the mp3 got corrupted.
The case is that downloading the same mp3, from the same site, but without the APP works perfectly.
The worst thing is that it does not happen to me with old mobiles … with the new ones that I have tried, it does not happen.
I suspect that the problem is in the web component. But it is rare that it works on some phones and not on others.

Me está pasando lo mismo, consigo descargar el mp3 de drive con la APP. Pero cuando lo ejecuto me dice que no se puede reproducir, como si el mp3 se corrompiese.
El caso es que bajando el mismo mp3, del mismo sitio, pero sin la APP funciona perfectamente.
Lo peor es que no me pasa con moviles antiguos… con los nuevos que he probado no pasa.
Intuyo que el problema está en el componente web. Pero es raro que funcione en unos móviles y no en otros. :Rodar los ojos: