Play protect doesn't recognise this app's developer



I make an app , When I want to install this app ,it show a alert !!

how to fix it ?
Please any one suggest me…


You are trying to sideload the app. If you download the app from Google play store, you won’t see this message

When Apk installing Google Play Protect Showing " Not Trusted "

Yeah but, some other apps which are not on playstore don’t show this pop up what about that ??


By publishing an app on Play Store, Google will review your app and if it was OK, the keystore you used to sign the app will become valid and known by Google. It’ll cause to be considered as “safe” by Play Protect.
But if you want to publish your app on unofficial app stores, you have to do this step in another way which is submitting an appeal, sending your app to Google and ask them to do it.
The appeal form is available here.
After a few days, the Play Protect won’t bite anymore!!