Pirate Attack: Fight for Liberty


I got it to work by setting my Screen Mode to Basic:


I think it would be a good idea to display how many coins the player has:


Might you please summarise what the last remaining problems with the game are?

  1. It seems like the automatic purchase when opening the app disappeared, right?
  2. All buttons when playing a level are shown, aren’t they?
  3. Has the automatic skip disappeared? So are you able to play a level properly?

=> Are there any further bugs in the game? Please tell me, because from all mentioned issues only some actually occured on my devices.
In the end I can not test the game for all problems for 100%. Your help is needed (again and hopefully for last time! :wink:).


I had this idea too but displaying numbers on canvas isn’t that easy. Either I draw a text box on the canvas (very ugly) or I do it with many small pictures that are arranged for whole numbers (ornate).


The only issue i am having is I have to click the top of the icon/button to get it to register the “Click”


Maybe I will add that function later, but now only functionality counts. Then see how the game evolves. And soon I will add more levels and work on those nice extra things to increase user user friendliness. :slight_smile:

Are now all errors corrected?

@Rene @Ken
Thank you for all the support you gave. If further proplems appear, please tell me. Either here on Appy Builder Community or via email to contact.mobilegaminglabs@gmail.com.