Penguin Egg Schedule



OK, so here’s a relatively simple app that has a pretty limited audience. I’m a zookeeper who takes care of penguins. We have a large breeding colony so one important part of the job is managing many eggs. This app accepts a date that an egg was laid and calculates various important dates, based on number of days.

This app allows the user to change the intervals, as well as, the date format and saves it to TinyDB via a “Settings” page. One thing this app demonstrates is how to create a pseudo second screen by putting the contents in different HorizontalAlignment boxes and changing visibility.

Other items used: DatePicker, Spinner, Clock.AddDays and TinyDB

** NOTE - This was built using Silver

PES_v6.apk (1.8 MB)
PES_v6.aia (86.8 KB)


Hi Keving, could you post some screenshots to?


No Problem, will add to original post.


I tried to import it in AppyBuilder but i get an error message. When i try AppInventor it says


I now see your note that it is build with silver. Maybe try to convert it to gold.

I have an idea. Maybe tell the world about your Penguin Eggs on the Zoo Twitterfeed. Post a picture of the eggs with the dates calculated from you app. There is a twitter component avalaible. You could make it that the text of the dates is superimposed on the image together with the zoo logo before posting. :grin:


I’ll try to convert it for you. Give me few minutes


Converted and can be imported to
PES_v6_v2.aia (87.1 KB)


I tried it. i get a


after the conversion. Maybe i did something wrong

PES_v6_gold.aia (83.0 KB)


@Peter_Mathijssen today’s just a warning. Just perform a save, switch back and forth to a different project and you should be okay


I tried it but this was not designed for GOLD and there are some formatting issues that will need to be fixed. Not sure I’ll both. The original version works for my use. Anyway, the screenshots above won’t match.


I don’t know if Silver will stay available. I guess it would be good to transfer it.


Ok, here’s a gold version with the formatting issues fixed.

PES_v7.aia (83.6 KB)


Silver platform will stay active till everyone migrates to gold platform