Paytm Transaction extensions (Paid)


This will probably be the first option by which you can transfer money.
This is my new extension through which you can send money from your Paytm account to another’s Paytm account, without any interruption, if you have people’s support, then I can combine the mode of receiving money from one paytm account to another Paytm account.

It’s just a beta version for this, I want 2 people. Who can tell me its drawbacks by checking it for me. But that will not be worthless .To get this function, beta version tester will have to give only INR 200.

I Want to Add Payment System
I want To Creat Geteway payment in My App WIth Paytm
Can i use paytm in my apps

Hi, Shivendra_Kr_Sahu, how it work?


great job bro :love_you_gesture::+1:


bro can u share any .apk or any .aia file for used and testing…:grinning:


Okay i can help you about to testing


Aniket Bhai video tho daalo


bro plz share the .aia or .aix file


please read 1st post


please read 1st post


How it’s work ?
will it work with paytm merchand id ?


yes it will work with merchant id.


Please give me this apk ya aia


please read 1st post


Appko AIA ya axi milikya


What is merchant id or Esme Kam kese karna hai


Pese ka see Dena hai


Felicitaciones gran trabajo


no bro kuch nai mila


Thanks a lot ,
This was not possible without @Andres_Cotes & Pavitra Golchha support for me .


Hello dear first inform me how can I pay you Rs.200 for this.

Then I will do