Panic Diary App


I want to introduce my app. I started with Appybuilder online and I finished it with Appybuilder offline.

I have used the following extensions:

Ken Nichols:

  • AnyBar
  • ScrollBar
  • WordArt
  • AddGradient


  • TaifunAES
  • TaifunFile
  • TaifunGoogleAccount
  • TaifunMail
  • TaifunfSharing

Said Dev:

  • ViewtoPDF

Narisoft Kus Zab:

  • DialogAny
  • NaraViewAddon
  • Viewpager

Andres Cotes:

  • Animation Plus
  • Sidebar
  • SFTP Manager

Jerin Jacob:

A big thank you goes to @Peter and @Boban_Stojmenovic. Peter always inspired me and showed me new ways. Boban helped me a lot with troubleshooting!

The panic diary offers you a quick and uncomplicated option to record, sort and take a look back at your anxiety and/or panic attacks. The method of documentation is based on medical and psychotherapeutic documentation recommendations. Get to know yourself and your body better and learn to identify situations and circumstances that might trigger anxiety and panic.

The goal of the app is to better identify correlations between situations, conditions and circumstances and the occurrence of anxiety and/or panic attacks and make changes based on these findings that result in an improvement of anxiety and panic disorders.

The app is available in german and english.
I hope the translation is correct :wink:

Kind regards


Congratulations on your app. You spend a lot of time perfecting it. Good job. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


I installed and tried every option in your app and I can say without a doubt, this is one of the most professionally designed apps made with a blocks builder I’ve seen so far. It restores my faith in builders for sure after seeing so many poor designed ones. Congratulations! And good luck!


Thank you for your praise. It means a lot to me when such a professional as you write something like that!
Thank you.


Excellent work !! :+1: You should do one for cluster headaches attacks, all the triggers are the same and I believe you can help a lot of people