[Paid] Whatsapp Send Message extension


i’ve send you a private message…thank you


good, but I can not automatically send the message (I have to do tap on send), I can not send messages in silent mode)


I’m not sure but I think whatsapp does not allow you to send messages automatically without having to hit the send button … I’ll try to work on it …


I honestly do not know if facebook (whatsapp) has released the API for this, it would be very useful for sending messages automatically and silently, while using your app (without changing the screen)


Hello Sir,
This is a great job you have done. Thank you for helping us.
I have a problem sir, actually, I don’t have an account in the bank and paypal is not available in my country. Please I need help because I want to use this extension in my application.
Thank you Sir


You can use this extension, but at the moment you can make a donation, do that, promote the development


Hi, what is the difference to use this extension instead ActivityStarter?


With the extension is simpler but you can achieve the same result if you work with the api of whatsapp


Quisiera saber si tu extensión para enviar whatsapp, envía los mensajes de manera automática.
Es decir, yo quiero que habiendo puesto el número de teléfono pueda enviar el mensaje de whatsapp sin tener que pulsar en ningún sitio.


Buenas, por el momento no es posible, estoy trabajando en ello, actualmente se le debe dar al boton para enviar el mensaje


solo en dispositivos root


I made the donation, how to download the extension


Si el numero no esta agendado en el celular, funciona igual?


Si amigo funciona igual


Listo, ahi envie una donacion! gracias!


hola, acabo de hacer la donacion, como recibo la extension?


hola ivan, ya realice la donacion, como recibo la extension?


message extension hobe


recibiste la extension?


@ivan_moreno hi, i’ve donate a 2usd, now how can i download the extension?