[PAID] Template to show your push notifications from OneSignal


Hello guys, I bring to you a template to show a personalized list with the push notifications from onesignal.

The app will make a connection with the web component to the php file and return all your notifications, and then will gets Push ID, Push Title, Push Msg and Push Date and Time.

Main components used:
Web - to get all notifications.
Clock - to convert send date from notification.
Label - to show notifications.




-You must upload a php file to a web server.

-This is not an extension or a function to open a specific screen in your app when tappin a notification, its only a workaround to show a personalized list of notifications, showing title, message and send date.

Please make a donation of 5 dollars and you will receive both aia and php files and complete support to make it work.

After you get the files you can add the blocks to your projects using the backpack.


unlisted #2


This is made with another builder. Show the blocks how it looks in AppyBuilder and i will list it again.


ok sorry ill make it on appybuilder


ready, changes made already

listed #6