[PAID] ParticleCreator Extension ($4.4)



Particle Creator



  • This extension can be used to create Particles, which are often used in games for a wide range of purposes: Explosions, fire, smoke, etc
  • You can create confetti effect( small pieces of colored paper traditionally thrown)

2.Methods & Properties



  • image: Set the image with which you want to create particles.
  • totalparticleNum: Create the total number of images.
  • particleLifeTime: Time after which particle disappear.

Note: Create multiple particleCreator method for new particles(recommended).


  • These are the properties that should be added to particleCreator, for various animation and effects to particles.

  • particleCreator: it is the particle creator which you used for creating particles.





Note: Anyone of the below method is needed to emit particles.




IF you want gravity to fill the view and emit use 0x00000077

3.Sample Blocks



5.Video preview

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5.Report and Suggest

  • Don’t forget to post your suggestions, bugs, errors and new improvements to this extension.

Incremental Games vs Earning App

Nice Working! :yum::relaxed:


Grate work !!

Love u’r work keep making


Thanks for your quick delivery. I tested it with my cactus hunt app to display a graphical effect when players earn points.

But… i want the score to start when i click the sprite. When i use the sprite as component i get an error message.

If i use the canvas as component it works but the score is ejected from the center of the canvas not from the position the cactus was/is.

Can you tell me if did something wrong or could this be added?


Sprite is not supported yet, sprite is not a component, that’s why it’s showing error, may be I can add option to show on sprite.


You are right. That would be really great if you could add that.


This is how it looks now starting from the score label. A great visual effect.


I will look into it.
But there is an option to emit from XY


Used two variables to store the x and y when the cactus is touched.

I used the following blocks


And the particleproperties is part of a procedure. I put it there as a single block to show how i used it.

All the particles are starting way to high. I guess the x and y in the particleproperties are the x and y of the screen.

So for now i use the label.


Yes, a full screen canvas will be good.
However I think emitting from XY will not also work exactly, may be I can look into adding sprite option.

Cactus Hunt instead of Mole Mash

Hi, Jerin Jacob.
I am interested in acquiring the extension, but I do not see how you can create fire, smoke or water, which is what interests me.
Can you give an example, with bloques, please?
Thank you


Does anyone know why there is a compile error now, using this extension, Noticed after AI2 Published support for API Level 28 it no longer compiles project Just says Error building, Error is . ??


Let me check and inform you,
Which platform you are using?


It’s ok I figured it out, I deleted the extension then tried to add it again and there was some conflict in the Ai2 assets folder thinking the one deleted was there, just cleaned browser cache and problem was solved :ok_hand:. Now compile ok