[Paid] New Coming soon Admob Extension



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Curious. Why would this be better then the components that are already there?


@Peter You know more than me why he is better :wink:


Is that so? I never used an ad component and will never use it.

unlisted #5

listed #7


This extension will affect builder’s earnings .
And these extensions will never succeed.
Now you do not ask why,Why do you know this and I too


Well, AppyBuilder is taking NO commission. Zero.

We changed to zero commission a few weeks ago


if u public this before
then i also public my ad-mob extension


Why not make it as part of AppyBuilder open-source? We can work on this together. We can update the core component


thats not problem
I had given you the message about that


I thought that was for different comment. Pm me to discuss and collaborate


check ur pm


You can make it as you like


Thats i do 2 year’s ago
This i has use in my all app which are on play stor

The public did not make the builder’s earnings down


I am happy for you good job


All my friends are very happy aa you here.
Ever never got a chance to complain


The mistake I made these to announce this extension :). the attack I received more than bullets in a war lol.


Sería genial que eso sucediera.


Im not here to tell somthing not good about Appybuilder we know he make big and good job. people ask me to create this extension i created. if this extension will cause a problem for me or appybuilder I inform all now that this extension is not to sell . I ask that appybuilder remove this topic. thank you