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Extension LaoyutDialog



As the name mention, using this extension you can create dialogs from a layout.

This extension has some incompatibility issues or UI issues in android version under lollipop.



Note: If you are using AlertThemeDefault then you cant use AlertColor.

3.Methods & Events


1. arrangement: Arrangement to show, this can be Vertical (scroll) or Horizontal (scroll)
2. title: Title of dialog, set empty if you don’t want it.
3. cancelable: Boolean value set true for closing when clicking outside.
4. buttons: List of buttons, maximum 2.


Return the Clicked button as a string.

  • Property

This helps to show horizontal layout over the arrangement you placed in ShowDialog method.

4.Report & suggest

Report if found bugs and suggest new updates, stay tuned.

5.Video Preview

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**This extension has some incompatibility issues or UI issues in android version below lollipop.**

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