Padding for arrangement


I would like to have a possibility to set padding for arrangements, similar to what you can do with screen.


Yes , If it is possible to add margins and padding to components It will reduce numbers of label used for margin.


@Bruger, @Nick I think it is better to use label or image. If Hossein add more feature on Layout, i fear more extensions would be uncompatible with Appybuilder


@Ronin Why do you think so?


Hossein, i forgot some that give error, but i remember when i test early version of a card extension, it behave incorrectly in Appybuilder since you add padding on screen.


@Ronin it should work. Can you try again to see if you can replicate the issue?


can we get some of this features in appybuilder components :
special for arrangements?


So we can create apps something like this


@Nick x,y position is currently not possible. Maybe in future


Wow , So another features are ready?


This image is not from any website it’s only edit i have made in developer mode :
Something like this


No, the card extension is okay now since Carlos Pedroza have rectify it to be compatible with Appybuilder.
Not all of Taifun’s extensions are compatible with Appybuilder.

I hope extension developers dont need to modify their extensions to make it compatible with Appybuilder. App Inventor’s community is a huge community and App Inventor’s platforms are like siblings. This is the reason why a lot of AI users are sometimes also Appybuilder, Thunkable and Makeroid users. It makes the survival rate of these platforms is high but also fierce. So, compatibility will be an edge.