Hi! I managed to publish my app on Play Store, but when i go to the playstore, the adress is:

I wanna delete my UserName from its, because it isnt match with my Name as Developer.

I changin from appybuilder Screen 1; should it be enought or i have to do something extra?
I dont understand where to see package name once the app is built as APK; because my file name is the same as the NameProject in AB


I typically use this to see the package name:

Note: .apk must be installed first


Thanks You! So for change package name have you got any clue?
I changed Applicattion Package Here but it didnt solve this.

Up ti know my best idea is to open a new AB account with my name as Developer and build it from there, but would be great to got another method if there is any that isnt very complicated.


Changing the ApplicationPackage will change the PackageName.

When you install the new one, there will be 2 apps, if you don’t uninstall the original one first.


Thank you. I had uninstaled it. I think the problem was that i dont follow this “com.example.myapp” when i wrote it. Because when i tried to upload to google Console i got and error saying that.
By the way, i corrected it, and i can run on my phone but i cant upload it to lay Console, getting the same error.
I think im going to search for a guide about package names.

THanks YOu!


Once you have uploaded the apk to Google play, you can’t change the package name.
You would need to upload it as a new separate App.