Package name problem


i created app 5 months before on appybuilder.and uploaded on playstore.i get 50k downloads.Before adds were shown on app,but now adds stop working.admob is working ok.playstore is working ok.but adds not shown…i updated everything but still adds not shown…i eddited app in my acount but same of my friend eddited my aia file and adds started working.but this aia file i cant upload on playstore becuse i found mesg packge name is not matched…please someone is there to help and solve my problem


Its really easy…just change the package name…


i try to change the package name in appybuilder but when i checked the app it doesnt move to the screen 2.and shows mess screen2.appybuilder.louddeveloper packge name not found


In appybuilder package name is not working.can anyone help me to upload this file.its very important


what is ur package name??



same i tried but then uploading problem…can you help me in uploading the app…through teamver and packge name changing etc


com.appybuilder.louddeveloper.expressnews&hl=en is packge of already uploaded app.


If you leave the ApplicationPackage field Blank, the Default packagename will be “com.appybuilder.[YourEmail].[ProjectName]”.

You need to change the ProjectName of the project you are building to match your Original ProjectName and leave ApplicationPackage Blank.


can you explain this…my friend edited aia file and send to adds showing but when i update it make problem of packge name…can you help me to eddit this trough teamver or give me solution please


On your Screen1, looj at the right side, click Screen1 text, and after that change your App PackageName, leave it blank


This is the problem i found when i uploaded file on app publisher account…after i left the app packge name empty i found this problem…


i found this problem…what should i do


What is the Project Name of the project you are compiling?


send me your teamviewer id