OwnlListview Extension


OwnListview Extension can be most dynamic listview ever, you can design your own list look like.


  • Glide Image From Internet

  • Caching on Storage, So no wasting data internet on downloaded Image

  • using lib (picasso)

  • Smooth on big Data

  • etc

Price 20 USD




Please read before buying
Terms and condition

Thank You Appybuilder



what an extension…

Great job bro …


hello, PayPal is not the turkey, is there any other method of payment?


I get an error in the file ‘’ aia ‘’ you sent me, I can’t add ‘container’, why don’t you reply to the messages I’ve sent to edit the extension?


No one should take anything from Kuszab, because I get an error in the extension, does not accept that it is wrong, does not respond to my message !!!



what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be. Also which error message do you get?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


I already reply you , with your aia (not on that video) working fine. And I get more tip to you. Email me when you got error, you never get me what happen not working it is.


I get an error from the aia you sent me, when the container is set, the application is stopped … I want you to correct the error, I don’t want a tip from you, you can send me a working aia, or send it to taifun


sorry, but I’m not interested in this


if you want to help @Kus_Zab to fix this, then you might want to provide the Android version of the device you are using for your tests. Also you might want to test using another device/another Android version.

and to find out more about the Runtime Erorr see here

The more you are able to help, the better is the chance that this can be fixed…



i tested with android 5.1.1, what version does my own list view work? kuszab can you answer that?


following this. I’m interested in this ext but wanna see if it works properly


extension does not work properly, friend does not respond to messages, does not want to solve the problem, I bought the extension, I regret.


Thanks for sharing this, I’ll not buy it then. Sorry for you