Out Of Memory Error with compiled file


what i use
battery menager
admob banner
progres bass
label and layout
after install app i crashing and this is the report


What is the problem?


now must got the screen shop in first topic


This happens with the companion?


when i design the app have more crasheh with this app.
I try on another phone and there is no problem. But i think another phone will crash too the app
Anrdoid version 5


Let me ask you something else
Do you use large or many images?
and what do you use the clocks for?
Apparently there is a problem that happened to me and I leave the project abandoned :frowning:
Did you notice from what point the closures began?


you have an out of memory error
see tip1 and tip 2 here



yes i have few images may be too big
i will resize them and try again
will post the result later


Completely according to Taifun, you should check the link and I ask about the images and the clocks because
I’ve noticed that the clocks they consume memory and more if these move images but I’m not sure


it was resizing the images
now i resize them and upload again and is ok now :slight_smile:
thanks everyone