Otp verification via email


co.com.MitExtensions.ApiMail.aix (37.9 KB)

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Hi, thanks for sharing but i dont understand anything. Please explain more to us…

As for the video, please talk in English, if you cant at least give your video english subtitle, and the very big logo in the center of your video is interfering with our visual… If you want to add logo, please add a small logo in the corner of the video. Regards, Ronin.


Thank you for your reply i will try to make a tutorial in english very soon


you might want to read here https://puravidaapps.com/manager.php about why using the open another screen block together with Screen1 is not a good idea…

your example uses the API Mail Extension by Jonny.

for those, who like to use this service, remember:

  1. this solution uses a php server to send your email, so if the server goes down, you will not be able to send an email anymore…
  2. also the provider of that server can read all messages you are sending…

you have to decide, if this is ok for you…
for further solutions for sending emails see here https://puravidaapps.com/sendmail.php



Not clear what OTP has to do with this extension: it only send an email but to be a true OTP system it requires the app to know if user received the email at the given address. Doesn’t seems to be the case


el co.com.MitExtensions.ApiMail.aix (37.9 KB) es propiedad de mitExtension´s y creo que lo mejor es que hayas redirijido a la URL https://mitextensions.com/verExtension.php?id=5 para que la compraran y descargaran con el simple hecho de registrarse podrian tenerla… o en su defecto haber pedido el permiso para ver si la podias publicar aqui.